Orlando Sports Medicine is a physical therapy private practice founded in 2002 by Eric Greeno and Bill Biaggi. Our backgrounds in Sports Medicine – working for years with professional, college, high school and amateur athletes – lead us to the design of our practice.

We knew that if we could provide the same type of efficient, team based, forward thinking, hard working and results driven service to the Central Florida community that athletes experience at successful college and professional sports teams then we would have a positive impact on the health, happiness and well-being of our community.

We took an approach based on service, excellent care and outstanding results. From the first phone call to the last visit we have high expectations for our staff, therapists and you as a patient. We will take time to talk with you and evaluate your condition, working together to formulate a treatment plan that will be executed as a team approach – including you, your physician and the professionals at Orlando Sports Medicine.

Our team will guide you along the way – helping understand insurance and payment issues, facilitating your recovery from injury or surgery and engineering the return or restoration of your physical ability to do the things you want, need or love.

We look forward to serving you while on your journey to get better!