We want to make your first physical therapy visit with us a positive experience that sets the tone for your future sessions. By coming prepared, you can get the most out of your first visit.


At your first visit, you will be greeted by one of our Patient Account Representatives.  They will walk you through your registration process.  You will be given a notice of privacy practices and have a review of your insurance benefits and financial responsibility.  You will also have a bit of clinical paperwork to fill out with respect to the reason for your treatment.

In addition to assisting you with registration, your Patient Account Representative will be available at each visit to help you schedule your therapy visits and settle any payments you need to make.  They can also help you with any other non-clinical aspects of your care.  Please look to them as a resource to help you achieve a great outcome with your therapy!


physical therapist examining a kneeEvery patient meets with a Doctor of Physical Therapy at their first visit.  This therapist is assigned to your care and will be directly responsible for making decisions about each visit.  He or she will be corresponding with your physician after the evaluation and sending progress notes to your physician for follow up visits as you recover.  During your evaluation, your Physical Therapist will discuss the history of your present injury, review any past medical history and perform tests and measures to determine your starting point and the best course of action for your treatment.  Your Physical Therapist will also discuss your personal goals and establish a treatment plan that will be followed during each session.

Following your initial evaluation visit, you will generally be scheduled for follow up visits 1-3 times per week, as needed, in order to reach your treatment goals.  A Patient Account Representative will assist you with your schedule to assure to the most convenient times that work for you.

WHAT TO BRINGyoung woman in athletic clothes

At your first visit you should bring your Physical Therapy Prescription given to you by your referring physician.  If you misplace or forget this we can generally receive a copy from your physician, so not to worry. You will also want to bring your Medical Insurance ID Card and Photo ID if you will be using these benefits to help pay for your care.  Be aware of or bring a list of current medications and/or medications prescribed by your physician for your current condition.  Any results for tests or imaging – like X-rays, MRIs and their reports are helpful to your Physical Therapist.  In addition, any operative report or pictures from your surgery can help us gain specific insight to your individual condition and aid in treatment planning.


It’s best to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing like gym wear.  If you are coming from work or need to change, we have areas available for this.  Limiting tight fitting clothes, dress shoes, belts, etc. is generally helpful and will allow you to better participate in your physical therapy.